MAAS Artist Residence -  December 2011 / Maart 2012


"Mijn werk zijn mijn pillen. Iedereen is op de een of andere manier patiënt. Er is overal zo veel informatie en rommel. Dus iedereen heeft een placebo nodig om zich zelf comfortabel te voelen en in balans te houden. Bijvoorbeeld liedjes, of doorgaan met werken, of films, vrienden. Ik ben geïnteresseerd in het gebied tussen droom en werkelijkheid. Daar komt mijn werk vandaan. Het zou als brug kunnen functioneren die de twee verschillende werelden verbindt of als een kracht, die beide kanten vernietigt.

Mijn buitenwereldogen gebruik ik om de omgeving te observeren en mijn binnenwereldogen gebruik ik om te voelen: zij richten zich op mijn verlangen en onderbewustzijn. Als ik mijn buitenwereldogen sluit openen zich mijn binnenwereldogen. Als vanzelf komt er dan iets naar voren uit die ruimte tussen binnenwereld en buitenwereld. Het kan een kort gedicht zijn, een beeld, een actie of een ander moeilijk te beschrijven ding. Dan probeer ik om verschillende media te gebruiken om hen middels een buitengewone reis te laten leven. Elk werk is een onderdeel van de reis en ik kan slechts starten, niet afmaken".


'These are my pills'

18-12-2011 Tijdens haar First Meeting leidde Rui Tian de bezoekers rond door de kleine tentoonstelling die zij in MAAS had samengesteld met het doel een link te leggen tussen haar leven in China en haar drijfveren tot het maken van kunst. Tevens werden er foto's genomen van bezoekers, waarbij Rui Tian als het ware de ziel vertegenwoordigde.



Hieronder de MAAS blog die Rui Tian gedurende haar residence periode in MAAS A.R. heeft bijgehouden.


Mar 1 - my endless weakness

A handicapped people,

His shortage is obvious.


A killer,

His purpose is clear.


A pregnant woman,

Her future is a mother.


Everything is fuzzy of myself,

The only thing which is clear is I am still alive.




Feb 27 - I'm not an Artist

I get the jitters before every exhibition of mine.

The word "art" really confuses me.

I don't know what can I do or what do I want to show.


I always feel I am a 3-year-old child.

I am curious about the world but the world is strange to me.

I am easy to make mistakes in the daily life.

I can't notice each red light or I can't open the door or I am always get lost on the street.

I can't find my way back so at last I forget my way easily and begin to stroll.

Yes, I like to stroll. The only thing I need is speak to the trees and the birds.

Or tell some secret of the world to the baby in the baby carriage by winked eyes.


The adults - it's really a big problem for me.

I try to satisefy them, try to get used to their habbit, try to ignore them, try to be friendly.

But, it's difficult to be myself in front of them.

It will make them confused or unpleasent.


Art, is like a piece of sky I have never expected.

It floats on my head and attracts me.

But when I fall in love with him he runs away.

I quickly draw the shadow of him

But it's already changed a lot.


I'm a idiot, I'm a fool, I'm a trickster.

I'm mute, I'm deaf, I'm blind.

When I'm nothing,

The art comes to me.


Feb 25 - a black steamed bread in a colored dish

the smell of Miss Spring
the break wind of Mr Winter
a big competition
the judge is Dr Time

a wandering rhino crashes into the temple
he doesn't know where is himself and where to go
come on, music
everything is on the orbit now
never stop


Feb 22 - shark's stomach

a black tunnel

I have passed and forgotten.

some message left

as if it's from a bad friend of mine.

the dog shaked off the sneer

barked to the shadow of its self

a piece of leaf dance from a piece of cloud

absorbed all the light.


Feb 20 - we can only have a good dream

the hole is bigger and bigger
the golden area is also bigger and bigger
two worlds are growing paralleled
the free is limited and appears again
randomization is terrible or nice
sacrifice is the key


feb 17 - Never say bad words

Louvre tells me:

Be naked as possible as you can.

Robbing is necessary.

Battle is glory.

If you r strong u can do anything as you need.



Feb 15 - Hugging time

I  want to wear a cloth
the same as you, you, you

when we look the same
you will be happy
I will be sad

You tell me you like to be different
because of imagination

at last you find we r the same when naked
I am happy
you r sad


feb 12 - woman can't be satisfied

wake up!
no no no

have a good dream!
no no no

make a nice plan!
no no no

so, what do you want?
Can u give me a baby?


Feb 10 - Thanks for hurting

I am sad
with some unknown reasons
I know what it is
but not necessary to say
that' s why I become an artist
tell something without words
a painting will remove my tears


feb 7 - shake it please

high and down
poor and rich
limit and freedom
big and small
no definition
no difference
we r living without consciousness
the good dream will turn to a bad ending
and the bad ending will begin a new good dream


Feb 4 - Eating and living

I don't know where am I
only the connection works
I feel I am with her- a Japanese girl
working together, eating together
the world is quiet
but we r noisy
we care about food and  life more than art
that's it



Feb 1 - shit time

when I am hungry I don't want to die.

when I am full I want to die.

when I care about my work I get lost.

when I go to shit I have talent to do wonderful but I can't stand up.

the world is a big game.

If u r stupid enough u can enjoy.



Jan 27 - emotion connection

Before I read you

I already know you

Before I see you

I already love you

After I see you

I can do nothing except stop breathing and dancing


Life, Nature, Human, Painting

everything is emotion

everything is love

---to my dear Van Gogh



Jan 24 - the truth of art

a man came and asked:

"are ur works interesting?"

"are they big enough?"

"are they attractive?"

"do u have money to give the space of ur work?"

I have nothing so I can't satisfy him or other people


I don't have nice clothes

I am not big enough

I am not rich enough

I am not brave enough

I am not clever enough

I can do nothing but only tell the truth

Is that the truth of art?



Jan 22 - Chinese New Year

When Everything lost its meaning
I want to Hand in myself
oh, keep it
that's an extra gift
a Chinese New year in Netherlands


Jan 20 - The latest tortoise

Wait! Wait! Wait!

There is no climax, of course!

Not everyone could have it.

Open the body by thought

the magic looses its efficacy

a piece of paper wants to exceed himself



Jan 19 - A world in the tea

everywhere is noisy except my heart
everywhere is fulfilled except my heart
go to the edge of the earth and then shoute loudly
It is safe to make some sound now


Jan 18 - What do you need?

"hey, what do you need before you die?"

"Nothing. I will accept all the things which will come to me."


"I am the king of terrors. Many people died because they like my questions."

"I like u , the king of terrors."


Jan 16 - Back to food

Art is game

Art is life

Art is love

Art is food

Back to food

Eat and sleep

Art is dream


Jan 14 -Trash

A man asked: "What do u make?"

"Rubbish", I said.

"I have a baby and yesterday it came out but I have broken up with my wife", suddenly the man told me.

"Everything is rubbish except life. So be a good father", I said.


Jan 12 - Big Reverse

"I need a lot a lot a lot"

"I have used up"

"do you want to change"

"Money is the way"

"It's never fair."

"So tell a lie"

"Believe ur self?"

"Fuck the world"


Jan 11 - Relationship

The relationship!

between the world and me

between the west and east

between the old myself and new myself

between the first myself and the last myself

between the worse and better

between the feeling and the purpose

reduce the possibilities

be simple and pure


Jan 7 - Amsterdam

Relax, easy, more?

Different, try it, interesting?

a deeper hole

boring and black

only with myself

my soul and I

face to face

can not believe


that's really me.


Jan 4 - Rotterdam!

Long long walking
Closer or further
I am out of myself
I am not where am I


Dec 25 - Vacant Christmas

pity santa
lonely santa
lighted  shopwindow
forever lust
scared for pain
evaded underneath
Life will tell


Dec 22 - Refuse or Accept

China between Netherlands

Chosen Games

Long long list

lots memory

much new views


list list list

choose choose choose

keep the better

throw the worse

Happiness is a fly on a flower

sadness is a dog near a doll

I have got used to everything


DEC 20 - The place deep in the heart

I try to dig a hole in my heart.

where the love and hope will grow.

A clown standing on the rope,  right or wrong? Towards or go back?

Quick rotation, Never stop.


Half of happy-Half of sad

Half be seen-Half be hidden

Eating mountain

Drinking moon

There r always two different worlds.



DEC 16 - Same and Different

Hello the world!
It's the first time I leave my country and go to another different country. I have never expected anything but only meet something new.

Different color system, Different language, Different way of life,
Different food, Different troubles.

In China everyday I try to escape from lots of things such as my family, my school, my bad thought, my bad habit etc.. I abandon myself thousands of times so that the only space I would like to stay is the imagination world.

But now, when I got here, Netherlands, Suddenly Everything seems disappeared and come down. I want to keep something but I can't. I get lost again on this strange world. luckily that's not the first time that I had lost. Luckily I have my fingers so that I can write and draw. That's enough. I close the outside world and opened another one inside. 

There is always a big distance between the real world and me. and then I use this space for dancing.