Het begint al in de voortuin van MAAS, via het hallletje dan tenslotte in het bovendeel: her en der hangen - als daalden ze uit de hemel neer - de objecten die Zhixing Jia voor sen lin mu heeft gemaakt. Ruim 20 objecten. Een 'plak' acacia met aan weerszijden een speelgoedfiguur. Aan de ene kant een dier (voor deze gelegenheid goud geverfd) aan de andere zijde een auto.



The Legend about A Forest


My home is located beside a river called DaGu River. Along the river, there was a forest with different breadth around 200 – 300 meters. It is that how long the river is leading to the sea so as the forest. I have never seen the forest, instead, just pieces of woods including poplar trees, Sophora japonica Linn trees, chestnut trees etc. Even though these different woods were not connected to be called the forest, they are still very attractive to me.  


The wood of Sophora japonica Linn is the family's cemetery, which is my psychological shadow of childhood. I have always “lost my soul” among the wood, and my grandma would bring some yellow paper to call it back. Maybe I was too popular with the ancestors.


Every summer, the Sophora japonica Linn trees will be blooming and the wood becomes white. My grandma always took my old brother and me to the wood, picking the flowers with a bamboo pole. After we had a full basket, we brought it home and made it as filling for Sophora japonica Linn dumplings. When I grew up, the Sophora japonica Linn trees disappeared, so as the Sophora japonica Linn dumplings.


The Forest had two animals that I have never seen, one is called Fire Fox. It is said that the fire fox will do alchemy in the midnight and people can see fire balls jump up the forest and down into it, again and again. The fire balls are in different sizes according to their ages, some are around three or four hundreds of years, some are seven or eight hundreds of years. These might be the original street light, I think. At the dawn, these fire foxes will change back to women and go back to their own houses.


The other animal is Wolverine. The wolverine likes following people who go home late at night in the wild, but people won’t realize it since there’s no sound about that. Suddenly, it will put its hand on your shoulder and ask “Are you... (someone’s name)?”. Under this situation, you’d better never look back, answer “No, I’m not” and then keep going, then you will be fine. Or else, it will bite your throat immediately when you are looking back and swallow you, and finally go back to your home with turning into your appearance.


Zhixing Jia, MAAS September 2017


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