Graduation Project 2014


‘Recognise Me’ questions our general idea about love by stating we love love more then we love people. After the break-up with his ex-girlfriend, Rik encountered that love for the other is directly linked to a self-development of the ego.


“While I wasn’t sincerely interested in a new romance during this period, I used the attention of several girls as a remedy to get recognized because I felt very lonely at the time. All the women I hugged with on these pictures are exchangeable for each other because I didn’t show their faces, they all serve the same interest, which is recognizing me”1


For Rik, the depiction of his personal experience is symbolic in the way the Western culture strives towards receiving attention. By reconstructing his own need for recognition, he tries to expose the construction we often call love.


Tijdens MAAS-jong! was regognize-me in zijn geheel te zien, gepresenteerd in het kader zoals door Rik gewenst: 5 hoog, 10 breed.