table works


Two people (A and B) are in a room.

They receive business assignments, based on photos: 'take a seat under the table', 'leave the room', 'put the chair on the table' and so on.

Then each of them receives a text.

The readers get strips of paper with the texts randomly from a top hat.

In the process, absurd, supported, comical, empty, exciting and so on dialogs arise


Actors: A & B: Jo Stewart and Bart Drost . Commander: Silvia Schildkamp. Word readers- René van Haren and Lyndsay Bloom.

Texts: René van Haren, Bart Drost en Silvia Schildkamp.

Foto scenografie: Bart Drost.


to see the video-registration scene 2 klick here





- Okay, now we are done we have time enough to wait.

- I always wonder 'why', but these last days I just have answers.

- My shoes are hurting. The next time I gonna buy the right seize.

- My father always said 'don't repeat me! He was really a funny guy.

- 'To be or not to be'  isn't a question at all for me. 

- How many people would you like to invite for your birthday party?

- Did you walk with the dog today?

- You really need a shower

- You are so boring,can you please leave?

- Can you go to the shop and buy some toilletpaper?

- I don't want to watch television!

- It was me who has eaten all the chocolat cake

- I don’t know if you want to hear this, but must tell you:  I fell in love with a really beautiful guy.

- I wonder why I always feel alone, sitting at this table.

- Why didn’t you do your home work?

- The doctor told me the bad news.

- I’m so sorry.

- We should talk together.

- I had a bad dream this night and you were in it.

- You are so far away.

- It has to be this way. There is no solution.

- There are green turtles in the backyard.

- Eating meat doesn’t mean that I hate animals!

- I never have the opportunity to be on my own in this room.

- Maybe we have to go out for dinner today.